Ono (the Korean word for language) + Automation = Onomatic

The name “Onomatic” came to us while on a wintry hike overlooking the high-tech hub of the world, Seoul, Korea.

A fusion of two words: “Ono,”  the Korean word for language, and the English word, “Automation,” the name Onomatic typifies our mission:

To build a universal language of warehouse automation.

We started in your shoes.

When leading the development of a world-class WMS software, our co-founders Nicolas Laplante and Dimitrios Touloumis realized there was no easy way for warehouse operators, equipment vendors, and Cloud platform resellers to integrate warehouse automation into ERP and WMS projects.

We felt your pain.

Deploying warehouse automation before Onomatic was expensive, labor intensive, and complex.

  • Automation integrations between an ERP/WMS platforms with AMRs, conveyors & sortation systems, pick & putwalls, light-directed tasks, palletizers and unit shuttle systems were all billed as one-off projects.
  • Across system interface development, control software implementation, and project management, warehouse operators were paying between $250k to $500k. Per. Piece. Of. Equipment.
  • Automation control systems were primarily hosted ‘on-premise” and required serious server infrastructure to operate.
Our Software Story

Enter Onomatic.

Driven by our own painpoints and backed by supply chain partners, our mighty team set out to bring accessible warehouse automation to all.

The result? By focusing on well-known market gaps, we created the first central warehouse automation system to blend the power of the cloud with smart warehouse equipment. Our out-of-the-box middleware makes warehouse automation flexible, affordable, and intuitive for facilities of all shapes and sizes.

Get to know our people.

Onomatic’s leadership team brings deep industry knowledge and in-the-trenches supply chain experience in industrial engineering and technology implementation.

Management Team

Jean-Martin Roux
Jean-Martin Roux leads Onomatic’s commercial and operating strategy. He brings nearly 20 years of industry expertise in designing, integrating, and distributing logistics technology.
Nicolas Laplante
Nicolas architects Onomatic’s object model and leads its development team. Before co-founding Onomatic, Nicolas Laplante and Dimitrios Touloumis led the engineering team responsible for creating a top-tier WMS.
Dimitrios Touloumis
Dimitrios architects Onomatic’s cloud and IoT infrastructure and leads Onomatic’s field team. Dimitrios has extensive experience in WMS software development, having led world-class engineering teams with Onomatic co-founder Nicolas Laplante.

Advisor Team

Stephan Lauzon
Stephan has a strong history of leading successful business strategy initiatives that enhance financial and operational performance while reducing operating costs. Stephan brings over 25 years of international experience in supply chain management strategy, business analysis, network evaluation, distribution center development, supplier relations, and IT solution implementation.

Propel your business forward Onomatically.

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