Where warehouse
workflows flow faster.

From ERP and WMS orders to autonomous mobile robots to legacy equipment – Onomatic controls every step of your warehouse workflow at a level of efficiency, compatibility, and affordability the world has yet to see.

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How it Works

Equipment throughput. Automation control. Conveyance routing. Tote capacity. Onomatic handles every moving part. 

With multi-equipment workflows and out-of-the-box integrations, Onomatic maximizes warehouse efficiency while minimizing human error, risk, and labor costs.


Order instruction from host

Onomatic integrates directly with your host ERP or WMS platform to receive order and pick task information.


Optimize and assign automation

Onomatic understands your equipment’s availability, capacity, and speed to build receiving to shipping automation workflows.


Control automation equipment

Whether the task is attached to an AMR, AGV, lightwall, or conveyor, Onomatic’s user interface gives you real-time control of all equipment — even when controlled by PLC.


Receive and provide operations feedback

Onomatic captures real-time task completion and inventory movements across all warehouse activity. All data is compiled into actionable dashboards and shared with your ERP or WMS.

Don’t run on autopilot,
run on Onomatic.

Carefully Calibrated

Onomatic’s task dispatching intelligence breaks ERP and WMS instructions into carefully calibrated tasks across your equipment and hardware for optimal equipment capacity and spacing efficiency.


Onomatic syncs real-time equipment performance and workflow status with your ERP and WMS platforms to create one streamlined data exchange that’s always up-to-date.


Avoid draining your operations budget with one-off integrations and surprise fees. Onomatic’s affordable subscription model scales with you as you grow your operation in complexity, space, and output.

We work with what you’ve got.

  • Your Equipment

    Onomatic is manufacturer-agnostic. We integrate warehouse automation with new robotics and legacy equipment.

  • Your ERP & WMS

    Onomatic blends in seamlessly with major ERP and WMS platforms, enabling state-of-the-art warehouse control from the comfort of the cloud.

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