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Cloud-first warehouse
automation & control.

Onomatic readily integrates with cloud ERPs and WMS, bringing warehouse automation equipment to an audience previously out of reach.

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Warehouse automation for companies big and small.

Automation is no longer reserved for the enterprise elite. Onomatic aligns with your cloud ERP and WMS pricing and hosting strategies to provide new equipment automation opportunities.


Your automation requires significant on-premise server installation

Onomatic will:

Minimize on-premise components with cloud-first warehouse automation. All processing happens on the cloud and all warehouse automation equipment communication operates from a simple IoT device.


Warehouse automation seems impossible with your ERP

Onomatic will:

Compliment your existing cloud platform by filling in its functional gaps. Can your ERP process a purchase or sales order? What about a putaway or picking worksheet? Onomatic makes it all possible.

Go from ERP or WMS to smart warehouse solution reseller.

Give your customers full-service warehouse automation for a flexible monthly fee. Onomatic’s subscription-based pricing scales with your customer’s budget and business infrastructure so that they can grow their warehouse operations on your platform and you can expand your market share. Win-win.

ERP Integration

Find us on Microsoft’s appsource.

Take advantage of our out-of-the-box integration packages made to perform advanced warehousing tasks from inside your ERP or WMS.

  • Rapid integration
  • No application cluster

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Partner-Based Business

Go-to-market with us.

Onomatic’s certified ERP and WMS Partners get access to substantial partner incentives, regular Onomatic training, and of course, lead sharing.

  • Take advantage of 1:1 Onomatic onboarding
  • Attend team training with warehouse automation experts
  • Increase your MSRP margin with partner incentives
Our Partner Network

Together, we’re building the universal language of warehouse automation.

Onomatic partners with major cloud ERP and WMS resellers, supply-chain consultants, and equipment vendors to instantly bring out-of-the-box warehouse automation to any workflow.

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