Truly versatile
warehouse automation.

​​Meet the warehouse control software that adapts to agile supply chains.

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Bring your smart
warehouse design to life.

Choose the right equipment for the right job.

Onomatic allows you to combine robotics, conveyance, sorting, dense storage, and light guidance equipment for optimal operation.

Find a common language for all warehouse automation.

Transfer all of your orders and tasks from your ERP or WMS into a streamlined warehouse automation workflow.

Get warehouse efficiency down to a science.

Onomatic’s end-to-end workflows enable automation at every step of your warehousing activity. We speed up the material flow from receiving to shipping.

Take a savings shortcut
with Onomatic.

Go from piecemeal automation integrations to complete warehouse automation for an affordable monthly fee.

The Onomatic Way – 1,2,3

The Old Way – Adapt New Technologies

Engineer end-to-end warehouse workflows.

Map your engineered workflows to the right automation equipment. Work with Onomatic engineers or one of our consulting partners to match automation equipment to your order profiles, item sizing, and slotting logic.

Design one-off warehouse workflows for every piece of equipment.

You’ve compromised your warehousing process by adding new equipment.

Leverage your current systems warehousing tools.

Work with your ERP’s built-in WMS features, your best-of-breed WMS, or your OMS to direct work and fill in any remaining functional gaps.

Overhaul your existing software portfolio.

You’ve had to modify existing systems with custom code, add more advanced warehousing modules, or even invest in brand-new software.

Run an optimized warehouse and add equipment as you grow.

Onomatic’s complete warehouse control solution dispatches work and tracks inventory movements across all your facility’s material handling equipment. Done.

Build a custom integration for automation equipment.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on third-party integrators or in-house software development.

Run a compromised warehouse.

Your ERP, WMS, OMS, and equipment can’t communicate with each other.

Start over with new equipment.

Every time you have to replace or buy new equipment, you have to redo your warehousing process.

End up with a system cluster and compromised operations.

Your warehousing processes are so disorganized that you no longer have the ability to manage or scale your operations.

So, what’s in it for you?

Fully automate your facility at the right pace.

Easily add equipment to your warehouse control software. Track your complete warehouse activities at a glance. End-to-end workflows KPI and individual equipment’s capability make you a more agile warehouse operator – thus improving your customer’s service levels.

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Offer the latest control software and a larger equipment portfolio.

Stop losing easy-to-win deals. Onomatic controls your existing equipment so that you can sell it as a complete warehouse automation platform.

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Make warehouse automation possible for companies big and small.

Add warehouse automation to your customer’s existing business system with a platform that matches their cloud-first infrastructure and subscription procurement habits.

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