AHRMM Webinar: Interoperability

June 5 at 12pm CST

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Healthcare Supply Chains & Interoperability – How to Build Efficient Operations to Serve more People

Interoperability in healthcare and hospital warehouses poses distinctive challenges and possibilities. This session delves into the realm of calibrating material handling automation to futureproof healthcare warehouse operations. By exploring the nuances of various automation technologies and their applications in healthcare logistics, this session sheds light on the optimization potential offered by tailored multi-agent orchestration platforms integrated with healthcare warehouse management systems (WMS). Through attending this session, participants will gain valuable insights into enhancing interoperability in next-generation healthcare warehouses.

How Onomatic can help:

  • Orchestrate tasks across all automation solutions with real-time workflows.
  • Integrate automation equipment (new and legacy) using a many-to-many platform.
  • Synchronize intralogistics data using cloud and edge computing.
  • And more…

Why Join?

Join us for a valuable session on interoperability moderated by Rueben Philip – Senior Product Manager, Clarium Health. This session promises to equip healthcare leaders with the necessary insights and tools needed to navigate warehouse automation and digitization in the industry.

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Learning objectives:

  • Familiarize themselves with the essential steps and tools required to gain control over supply handling, inventory management, and logistics within their organization
  • Evaluate different automation technologies and their applications within healthcare logistics.
  • Develop strategies for integrating emerging technologies through multi-agent orchestration platforms.

Webinar Speakers

Jean-Martin Roux
President & CEO, Onomatic
Jean-Martin Roux leads Onomatic’s commercial and operating strategy. He brings nearly 20 years of industry expertise in designing, integrating, and distributing logistics technology.
Emmanuel Langlois
Strategic Advisor, Onomatic
Emmanuel founded and led a supply chain software company recognized as leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the past 25 years. He’s played a key role in the expansion and adoption of the SOLOCHAIN WMS in the US market and he continues to be the primary influencer of the product’s roadmap. As an advisor to Onomatic, Emmanuel works with the leadership team to ensure the forward-thinking vision of the solution and he helps set the strategy for the expansion of the business.

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